Ordering / Shopping

How to place an order?


Is registration mandatory before placing an order?

No, but we require an email to send your order confirmation.

How do I know my order has been confirmed?

After confirming payment and adding contact details, an “Order Confirmation Page” will show up confirming that the order has been successful along with your order # and we will send you a confirmation email.

What is the availability of the products listed?

If a product is not available online or in the stores, it will show an “out of stock” next to it.

Is there any minimum volume/quantity that I need to book?


Do you serve any discounts on bulk orders?

Free shipping for orders over 500 SAR.

Do you have a physical shop where I can check out the products?

Yes, we currently have two branches in Riyadh. Click Here for locations and directions.

What is the guarantee of colour and texture of the product? Or how can I be sure that product colour I am looking at is exactly what I want?

We try our best to make sure product images and description is as clear as possible and conveys the look and feel of the product. We recommend visiting our physical stores to see the products first hand.

What are your quality standards?

We have very high quality standards. We source our vendors and manufacturers very carefully to ensure quality. Quality is part of our brand image and we’ll do anything to make sure that image stay strong.


What are the payment options?
  • Debit/Credit Card: We accept MADA, VISA, Mastercard, and American Express
  • Cash On Delivery (COD)
  • Pay in the store: You can select what branch you would like to pay at during checkout. Just show the cashier the confirmation number, and he will process your payment.
Are there any hidden charges?

No, all charges including VAT will be explicitly shown during checkout.

Are there any shipping charges?

Yes, orders under 500 SAR will be subject to a shipping charge depending on the location. During checkout, when you enter the location you want us to ship to, the shipping charge will be calculated and shown to you.

Do you do Cash on Delivery (COD)?

Yes. You have the choice to pay COD during checkout.

Can I pay in the physical store?


Can I wire money?

No, we don’t currently accept money wires.

Shipping and Delivery

How fast does the orders ship?

We will ship your order within 24 hours of order confirmation.

When will my order arrive?

Inside Riyadh: Average 1-2 days after shipping. Outside Riyadh: Average 2-3 days after shipping.

How do I track my order?

We will send you a Tracking Number via email after we ship your order.

How is the Shipping Rate Calculated?


Do you ship everywhere in Saudi Arabia? If not then what all cities you cover?

We ship to all major cities and towns in Saudi Arabia.

In case of urgency, what is your turnaround time?


What if I am not available at the time of delivery?

The shipping company will contact you before the delivery to know what time is best for you. If you are not there, they can return another time. On the 3rd try, they will ship us back the order.

How are your products packaged?

Cardboard box.

Cancellation and Return

How can I change or cancel my order?

After the order is confirmed, you can contact our Customer Service Department to handle the return via the email: cs@shoparty-sa.com or phone number: +966566116699 Please have the confirmation number handy when contacting us.

Is there any cancellation charges?


What is your Return & Exchange policy?
  • A return request must be filed within 3 days after receiving the item using the methods below.
  • An Exchange must be filed within 7 days after receiving the items using the methods below
  • You can return or exchange either by visiting one of our physical stores or by contacting our customer service at e: cs@shoparty-sa.com p: +966566116699
  • When returning in-store please have a printed receipt present
  • When requesting a return via email or phone, we would request the receipt number, location, and reason of return (for quality assurance purposes).
  • You can return any product that you’re not satisfied with except the following:
    • Inflated Balloons, Flowers, Arch and Stand Balloons,Customized Items
    • Used Items and items with its packaging open
  • All returned items must be in original packaging
  • After we receive and process the returned items, we’ll refund you using the same payment method used when purchasing.
  • To exchange your returned item,
Do you charge for returning an item?



Do you offer consultation for theme parties?

Yes, we offer free consulations for your party through our customer service hotline +966566116699

Do you do customization/personalization?

Yes, in navigation menu, there is an option called “customization” which showcase all our customizable items.

Is there any minimum count to avail your event management services?

Yes, minimum is 3000 SAR

Where do I get the details about the latest offers and discounts?

We will try to list all our offers and discount in our homepage. You can also sign up in our email system to get the latest offers and discounts.

Do you offer membership? If yes, what are the benefits?

Yes, the perks include points that you can redeem and special discounts and offers.

What if I forgot my login details?

You can reset your password.

What is the name of the legal entity or company owning Shoparty?

Taif Alhafalat Inc.